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Sunday, December 3, 2023
Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration


Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration

Utahns concerned about the negative impacts and the victims of illegal immigration joined together to form the Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration.

The founding members of the Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration were: the Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration,, Constitution Coalition, Constitution Party of Utah, Utahns for Immigration Reform and Enforcement, the Utah Eagle Forum and the Utah Minuteman Project.

These groups work together to ensure that citizens from across the state have a unified voice in the debate over illegal immigration and that concrete action is taken to address this serious problem.

The Coalition supports legislation that (1) directly addresses the negative impacts of illegal immigration with a focus on illegal alien driven child identity theft and (2) works to end Utahís magnet and sanctuary state status.

Citizens who would like to join one of the Coalition groups are invited to send an e-mail to Other groups that would like to become part of the Coalition should send an e-mail to the same address.


Ronald Mortensen, a retired diplomat representing "There are literally millions of desperate people in countries around the world who respect the rule-of-law and wait for years to legally enter the United States. We should have compassion for these good, honest, hard-working people and make sure that we donít reward individuals who jump the line."

Phyllis Sears, Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration. "By offering in-state tuition, driving privilege cards, taxpayer funded benefits and refusing to require employers to verify the identities of new hires, our elected officials have turned Utah into magnet state for illegal aliens. This cannot continue."

Robert Wren, UFIRE. "Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. We are asking our political, religious, community and business leaders to show the same compassion for the tens of thousands of Utah citizens who have had their identities stolen by illegal aliens as they do for the illegal aliens. We also need to consider the millions of potential LEGAL immigrants who are effectively being displaced by the illegal aliens."

Frank Fluckinger, Utah Constitution Party. "We are deeply disappointed that Utahís two major political parties have failed to take action to protect Utahís citizens from the negative impacts of illegal immigration. We look forward to influencing public policy through our association with this group."

Wally McCormick, Constitution Coalition. "Neighboring states are passing legislation to address the negative impacts of illegal immigration. If we donít pass similar legislation, we will be overwhelmed by illegal aliens fleeing those states."

Eli Cawley, Utah Minuteman Project. "As a sanctuary state that grants illegal aliens driving privilege cards, Utah is a threat to our national security. It is time that the legislature steps up and contributes to our national security rather than weakening it."

Gayle Ruzicka, Utah Eagle Forum. "We cannot ignore an issue that has such a significant impact on Utahís families. We simply have to address the negative effects of illegal immigration."


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